30 day loss guide with HerbaLife

Amazingness! for those who were inquiring about my Herbalife process, this is the best break down there is ūüėČ


Okie Dokey! Lets get this thing done!!!

This is your plan.

What you will need, Ultimate Kit(comes with Formula 1 shake mix, Herbal Tea, Total Control, Thermobond, Aminogen, Cell-U-Loss, Cell Activator, Multivitamin,  and Snack Defense. You will also need Prolessa Duo. You will also need to add 8 oz of milk to your shakes whether it is soy, almond, coconut, lactaid, or regular milk. Make sure that the milk is fat free or 1%. If you do not like the milk then you will need to get the Vanilla flavored Protein Drink Mix which supplements the protein that you would normally get in the milk. Do not skimp on the milk or the powders, they are mixed this way on purpose, so that you maximize your protein intake, if you do not get enough protein, you will be hungry and you will want to eat.

I am going to lay…

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To eat or not to eat.. that is the question..

I think its human nature to want and desire EVERYTHING that isn’t good for us, I mean we Live for that crap, not to mention how expensive it is to eat right I mean, you can feed an entire¬†village off the Mcdonald’s dollar menu. Its so much easier to just eat crap and be full then to actuallys it down and make a conscientous effort to plan and actually eat healthy meals, I’m pissed off that my bread of choice cost $4.99 in the stores, I could buy the grocery store brand and be content but it doesnt have all the nooks and crannies I like in a bread LOL ¬†everything is supposed to kill us anyway so why not be happy before you die eh? no? lmao I mean seriously. We all have guilty pleasures whether its alcohol, a high calorie dessert, a fat nasty burger like my fetus wanted yesterday but decided to splatter the walls with projectile¬†instead, it could be anything. Whatever it is indulge! I know health fanatics people who eat clean exercise 2-3 times a day that ended up with cancer, no one is freakin safe these days so why torture yourself, you know if you’re a lard ass u have no business eating somethings and then being sedentary at that is a recipe for trouble but if you’re active, and do some form of exercise daily or a few times a week I don’t see the harm in it. Moderation is where I think we all fail at, and not reading labels, who knew a can of chicken noodle soup would have you retaining water like a whale with a whopping 800grams of sodium or that chicken burrito at taco bell had 970 calories or that 8oz red solo cup long island iced tea has 750 calories?¬†Foods that are high in calories from fat or sugar can make you gain weight if you don’t get enough exercise to expend excess calories. A daily calorie limit to maintain your weight depends on your age, sex, activity level and other factors. Carrying extra weight increases your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer, according to the Office of the Surgeon General. All in all we know better we just dont give a damn basically lol.

whats your guilty pleasure?