How to decide who to marry- The kids version

LOL Kids know best cause they’ve been on this earth before, I know it.




He/She was fine… till he/she opened their mouth

Fellas, ever conversate with a chick who is a few fries short of a happymeal? or Ladies, ever conversate with a dude who is as dumb as a pack of 1b Indian Remy hair? Today in regards to first impressions we’re so infatuated with what a dude is driving, whats on his feet, and how much money he’s willing to spend only to get upset at the fact that he has the vocabulary of a preschooler and couldn’t hold a convo to save his life. Fellas, she got a fat A$$. <~and it ends there half the time. Can’t bring her to any Corporate events cause for one she can’t even spell corporate and probably chews gum like this

No question that it’s the physical aspect that may draw you to a person to begin with, but their personality and mental state is what attracts should attract you more keeping you intrigued and wanting to know more. Being attractive is both internal and external. Both males and females are finding these days that it’s getting harder to find “the total package” so to speak. Not saying you must have a doctorates degree and talk about The Quantum Theory and can recite the Socratic Dialogues, just know how have a stimulating conversation with an individual , a conversation that

A. doesn’t focus on their appearance ie: ” So does your back ever hurt from walkin around with those humongous breasteses” or ” are those 20’s or 22 inch rims on your charger? ooh can I drive it?”  b. doesn’t focus on their financial state <~ I mean later down that the line when it’s of significant importance maybe. ie: ” So whats your annual salary” <~ again you’d be surprised.  A good rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t say it to your mama, don’t say it to her.

Everything else is fixable, you can’t fix stupid, further more, you both should be in cahoots with what adjustments you want to make to tailor yourselves for one another. IF y’all even get to that point..

Beauty and Brains, same applies to the fellas, it’s a rare commodity but finding that special someone who can wow you, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually? chile..