I’ve been thinking of creating an additional page for quite some time now which would allow folks to post their rants and peeves, I’ve got so many I didn’t wanna weigh the blog down with a buncha bitchin n moanin so here it is a whole page dedicated to it LOL

  • Miserable , pathetic people– This is not gender specific no not at all, this is in relations to people who aren’t happy with themselves and try to bring you down in the process, miserable ass people that no matter what goes good in their lives they aren’t content, nothing makes them happy, nothing healthy and worthwhile anyway. You try not to let this particular type of individual transfer that negativity on to you or let them affect you in anyway but somehow or another they still manage to get under your skin like a freakin tick!


  • Business owners who use their personal face book pages for both business and ratchetry. Man look, it’s ok to be confident in your business, it’s ok to feel like hey I have got so many clients that at this point in my career I can say and do anything I want to, about, and around them but I know they aren’t going anywhere cause they’re loyal o_o WRONG. How in the hell do you not think your clients aren’t sick of your crap? your constant ranting and raving mostly about them and they’re witnessing this first hand because they are face book friends of yours and it isn’t every now and then, it’s practically every damn day. Folks don’t mind taking their business elsewhere especially if they feel they have the potential to be publicly scrutinized on your fb wall for something they said or did or texted you or asked you to provide to them as a service. Yes your argument is invalid, these people are your bread and effin butter, without them, your ass probably wouldn’t be eating, paying your car note, going shopping etc.. the least you can do is separate the two entities, personal is personal and business is business period. These people aren’t your friends they are your customers.


  • People who are always fly but their kids look like crap. How does this work? what are you thinking? Your kids are a direct reflection of you why wouldn’t you make sure that they look their best at all times? Ultimately they come first, but I see that doesn’t apply to everyone. it’s understandable if you have a daughter and you don’t know how to do hair but how your hair stay done but hers always looks a hot mess? She can sit in the salon chair right next to you no? yes.


  • Know it alls– Have a seat on the couch, these people don’t care if Google, Wikipedia or any other news forum disputes what they are saying, they are presumably correct in all their bs, they wanna be the first on the scene, the first to tell you the scoop and don’t give a damn whether it’s true or not, and don’t u correct them oh no, you will be disregarded in a heartbeat, were these people not hugged as children? Makes you wonder.


  • People who complain about their weight but won’t do anything about it– This gets on my gat dern nerves seriously, something as simple as your weight the ONE THING in this life that you can possibly control yet you choose to just complain about it then seek validation from the social media that being big is an in thing, there’s nothing wrong with confidence but if you’re always sick and always on meds then you’re posting fattening foods or posting activities that your friends are doing but you can’t cause you’re a “big girl/man” get a freakin grip. what stings me the most is that these type of people are so inconsistent, one day they are at the gym or walking or doing something athletic and healthy for themselves but then you don’t hear about again till maybe the following month OR hey look guys I’m at the gym, now I’m at this soul food restaurant eating like it’s my last day on earth or they’ll even go as far as to send you a personal message asking what your regimen is and you’re almost like I don’t even wanna waste my damn breath because it isn’t like you’re gonna get on board and personally what works for me may not work for you.


  • People who won’t do their own research– these type of people are dependants in every aspect of their lives, no individuality no concept of hey let me Google that or find out for my own, just constantly asking something as simple as reading instructions on something is too much work for this individual, they wanna hear it from another person. This person can’t do for themselves or even attempt to.


  • Spell check– The end


  • Materialistic ass people– it’s nice to be able to afford the finer things in life, I’m all for it, personally I feel like the fact that I can afford it doesn’t mean that I need to brag about or post 1001 photos about what i have, There’s something so sexy about being humble and something so unsexy about the boastful. This person has to boast and brag about every little thing as if they have never had shit in their lives, its repulsive. I’m not knocking the jordan heads, the handbagger, the shoe collectors etcc.. do you, personally that’s not my thing, I’d rather invest in my kids future or do home renovations LOL I mean that’s just me, I also like to look good but just because i do you aren’t gonna get a front row seat to the inventory of my closet or each item that I purchase.
  • Negative people– So you’re bitter, you mad cause your marriage failed, every dude you meet just wants to beat it up, you’ve slept with half the town now you’re just mad. every status post or meme or pic you post is either derogatory or depicts the opposite sex in a negative light or is just downright tacky. Go find yourself, when you do start loving yourself again figure out your worth and stop bogging down the world with your negativity it sucks to log on and see that crap everyday on 3 different social networks talking the same damn ying yang wondering why no one wants to be with you, you’re marketing yourself so negatively and scornful that folks are scared to approach you. Get your life.
  • Babydaddy/babymama bashers– guess what people you spreaded or poked that person so that reflects on you, we don’t care how trifling they may be and bitchin about it is not gonna change a thing except have people look at you like you’re an effin fool. seek counseling, get a diary DO NOT discuss or bash the mother or father of your child on line, it’s not only childish and tacky but guess what no one but you can do a damn thing about it, save yourself the embarrassment and just keep it to yourself or discuss it with someone you know and trust in person, not 987 total strangers who could give a hot damn.
  • Parents who don’t act like parents– So you’re at all the latest events, parties, venues, bike weeks, CIAA the latest thing poppin but your kids have never even seen outside of their city. Mind you there is absolutely nothing wrong with partying, trying to get your groove back, staying relevant with the latest but you’re flying to south beach but your kids never even been to Disney land, Priorities a little mixed up? There has to be some sort of balance, something!  Good parenting is something I feel doesn’t come naturally, obviously no one is telling you that what you’re doing makes no sense, you’re probably traveling on the kid’s child support money anyway and you probably don’t even think what you’re doing is wrong. I want my kids to experience the absolute most, granted I was an only child so going to the Bahamas every Christmas with my mom was more affordable than me trying to take my 4 boys however, we will find alternate more cost efficient ways of having fun and again with boys it doesn’t take much. The memories that you create with your children is a lasting one, they can have memories of all the amazing things you did together as a family OR all the times a sitter was watching them for the weekend while mommy went out of town to party.. not cool.
  • People who pop up at your home unannounced– one or two things can happen; I can ignore u ringing my doorbell or open the door with the worst attitude possible, what kind of phucktard thinks this is ok? I’ve been experiencing this over the past week quite frequently and honestly I hope to God that people don’t think this is ok especially after I give birth in a few weeks, your feelings will be hurt and you won’t be able to do anything but go cry in the damn car, its rude, how hard is it to text or call someone before you just pop up at their place of residence?


  • Texting or calling before 6am or after 12am– who in the hell do you think you are? Unless I love you, or you’re dying, or you gave birth to me think twice about this, it’s so rude, I don’t give a damn if you’re awake, I’m not and even if I was I don’t wanna talk to u.


What are some of your pet peeves and rants? Feel free to post them in the comments box!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. DelRae
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 21:37:22

    What about the ones who feel the need to post a million pics on FB. It’s like a new pic every min. Of them sleeping, at the gym, with no make up or nasty ass food lol


    • danounou
      Apr 04, 2013 @ 21:40:04

      LMAO yes! like hello there is an Instagram but even there we don’t wanna see it, a collage of 4 of you doing the exact same pose, its like I’m so happy you just found out that you were pretty, kudos but go celebrate in the privacy of your own camera roll inside of your phone


    • danounou
      Apr 04, 2013 @ 21:40:43

      SN: if you’re at the gym, legitimately working out, you wont have time for a pic and if u do it damn sure wont be cute lol


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