Henna head

I started Henna’ng about 3 months ago, im hooked, its made my hair stronger, thicker, longer? eghhh nah that’s all Hairfinity vitamins and JBCO -Jamaican black castor oil  anywho I don’t care for the color too much I mean its cute and all little pinch of auburn red but I’ll always be a jet black queeeeeen so with that said, I have to use Indigo powder to get my blue black effect immediately after doing the henna. I will take some pics today as i have some already mixed Napur henna  waiting at the house for me *stares at watch and waits to get off work* I’ll take pics of each step so you future henna heads can be informed yay!! I mean who doesn’t love an all natural product that not only builds the strength of your tresses but also gives you color options? so yea,  there are a zillion blogs about henna but I’ll definitely give you my rendition of it, cause i’m awesomesauce ♥

tools of the trade, i buy these in bulk

I part my hair in 4 sections, stop judging this pic im tryna show yall something dang. SN: my hair has been in a ponytail all day its usually much bigger lookin haha

lather it on like conditioner, don’t be afraid to use it all and pile it on thick

Yall see this sexy pose? yasss hunny

yall remember these from like 1988? yes dont judge me im waiting for my heating cap to come in its wireless yes lawd

😉 heat speeds up the process

Now usually I dont use heat I normally just sleep in my Henna but today im feeling lazy so the heat cuts my 8 hour process time down to like well i only left it in for 2 hours today cause i was strapped to this conair thing but once i get my wireless heat cap i can get ish done so i will leave it in longer yes!. So I’ve rinsed and mixed my indigo powder already

indigo left over from a previous application

Indigo is what gives you the jet black blue black look, and in a few days when it really oxidizes you can see it even more on your hair. so pretty much i just mixed the indigo powder with bottled water and made it into a paste like the henna, only i left out all that other stuff now indigo is a bit grittier then henna so its gonna feel like sand but nevertheless rub it in like you did the henna.

Indigo after 5 hours

im leaving this indigo in for about an hour and applying heat again then im gonna rinse out, now on a typical henna day im in the shower about 3 -4 times cause i hate the kitchen sink so i rinse everything out in the shower, the final step will be your favorite deep conditioner, mine right now is Vitale hair mayo, im gonna mix a jar of baby banana food and a few teaspoons of Mayo and don a shower cap, no heat, and go about my night. for a complete run down on Henna its source, its benefits, and other awesome things about it you can read more here. #yourewelcome




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DelRae
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 16:57:12

    so the henna colors your hair?


    • danounou
      Jun 12, 2012 @ 16:58:27

      Yep! and deep conditions it at the same time, the henna I use already has vitamins and conditioners in it, but you can add some of your own for added moisture and softness 😉


  2. DelRae
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 09:40:38

    hmmmm!!! i may that!! im been thinking about color!!


  3. danounou
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 09:43:52

    you should! get it off Amazon.com or Bonanza.com its cheaper 😉


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