Hair Product Reviews & Homemade products

SO if you know me you know I love me some hair products!!!!! however ever since going natural I have been trying to limit the amount of junk I put in my hair, these days there are so many contradicting uh how do you say well statements and accusations and don’t use this and that and the other, I remember growing up and my momma had this kick azz regimen for my hair honey it comprised of a prepoo with this smelly oil and then id sit underneath a heat cap for god knows how long, then she would shampoo me, condition me and sit me right back under that heat cap THEN, add her leave in concotion which back then consisted of Dudleys setting lotion,Infusium and moisturizer. She would blow dry me then grease my scalp with Sulfur 8 and my hair with dudley’s lanolin grease and braid me up. NOW all of a sudden grease is the devil’s spit and all these beautiful regimens we grew up to love are null and void, well guess what, *cues I’m Bringin Sexy Back* well im bringin grease back cause I know for a fact, if Petroleum is bad now then it damn sure was bad back then, whats changed? Now everyone knows this natural hair journey is one of trial and error when it comes to regimens and products, what works for me MAY or MAY not work for you. fyi anywho on with the product reviews……

First up!!

Shea Moisture Curl Soufflee

Shea Moisture Souflee- * *

This product well, yall know I’m an impulse buyer so it was at Target for $9.99 and I was scrounging for something to help me maintain my curls for my wash n go’s and I came across this.

The ingredients all natural


Coconut Oil

Agave Nectar


I was like hell to the yes, this is it sweet Jesus,ran home, washed my hair and lathered a great big goop of this jello into my hair. -_- man if there were ants around they woulda swarmed me. It smelled nice but it was sticky as all get up and greasyyyyyy. Chile. My beau likes to give me scalp massages and all I could think about was him massaging my scalp and looking at his sticky azz hands and calling me all kinds of names in the book. I was like nah I can’t do it. I did read AFTERWARDS that you should apply just a little and do not mix it with other products so I was wrong and wrong. Tried it again in another few weeks cause I had PTSD about it, I put just a little swig of it and yea I can’t do it, anything that requires me to wash my hands afterwards is a no go, im lazy and im lazy as hell I tell you, so now it just sits on the shelf and I use it to tame my edges when I rock a pony cause that flaxseed is what provides the awesome hold factor. I have yet to try anything else on their line but when I do best believe… Review!

Next up!

Silk Elements Mixed Silk Leave in-* * * * *

Silk Elements Mixed Leave in

Five star baby! I love love loved this, I knew I loved it when I was up in Sally’s sniffing every leave in I came across but this one? Made my lady parts smile and the price was RIGHT at $7.99, This brand is supposedly a knock off of the popular brand Mixed Chicks but No damns were given and I made my purchase. In my mind this product could be absolute garbage but because it smells so yummy Im like yes. Got home, washed my hair, lathered this yummy stuff into my hair and went about my day, all day I was smelling gooood hunny, and my curls were maintained not stiff and my shrinkage was minimal. No greasy feel, it was winning! The squirt pump factor, a big bottle bang for your buck I was in love. Only con I had was if you put too much, it WILL flake and have you lookin a hot mess so use sparingly.

Next up!

Raw unrefined African Shea Butter – * * * * *

I swear by this stuff!!!!!!!!!! Anything I can use on my hair, elbows, knees, legs, face, on my kids? Is an absolute plus in my world. I buy this in bulk, 32 ounces at a time cause we go through it its awesome, 100% Natural African Shea Butter is made from the nut of the African Shea Tree. It contains a rich amount of irremovable fatty acid which renders it far superior to cocoa butter and other natural vegetable butters. this fatty is crucial to rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin. Shea Butter provides all the essential vitamins needed to make skin look and feel smoother, softer and most importantly, healthier. Its therapeutic properties protect the skin from wind, cold, sun and it helps heal wounds faster. Shea Butter stimulates cellular activity, fights the effects of aging and repairs rough, damaged skin. I buy it semi whipped cause I hate it in chunks, it does solidify in cold settings so it may need warming up before application, not microwave heat but put it in a bowl of hot water and you’ll be able to scoop out this yummy goodness with ease. I use it while my hair is still damp so that it seals the moisture in my hair cuticle and it makes my hair soooo fluffy and soft I can’t keep my hands out of it. Alot of beauty supply stores are starting to carry this so if you get just make sure it looks like this and isnt white.

32 oz jar of shea butter

Next!I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite staples, Sugar scrubs!

Brown Sugar scrub

I sometimes use white sugar but brown is my favorite! I love soft skin i just love being soft. I hate spending money on something I can make easily in my kitchen anyway so Typically I go to the store and get

1 bag of sugar

Body oil (Target brand)

Jar or ziplock baggy

1 bottle of Vanilla

Now the oil can be whatever you choose, or like the smell of, I love the smell of body oil and not olive oil so thats what I choose, You can use any essential oil be it Lavender, rosemary whatevs just make it great! I buy my jars from Ross’s or Marshalls cause they have cutesy jars with lids, I made the mistake of using a freakin pickle jar that I SWORE i washed good, and my scrub smelled pickley. Gross. I use this in the shower after I was with my usual soap. Im big on exfoliation, you’ll be surprised at how much dead skin you just have chillin on your body everyday again gross. Be careful using this in the shower as it can make your tub slippery and id hate for yall to tumble like I do regularly so yea..

Next up!!

African Black Soap

My vendor lives about 45 miles away from me, I faithfully order online to keep my stash full. Now you’re probably thinking, oh I get black soap from my food lion or Sally’s all the time, this aint the same boo and throw that trash away.

Your raw african black soap should look like this

raw african black soap

Now my lady sells this $10-$12 per lb which typically lasts me a month because I not only use it for my face but to shower and shampoo my hair cause its what? ALL NATURAL! yes. To extend its life and not have a doodoo like substance staining my bathroom counters and shower caddy I liquify the bars and store them in bottles for quicker use on my loofahs and hair. To liquify you simply have to grab a bowl, place one bar/chunk (the bag comes with like 3 bars, several chunks) place it in the bowl with 8 0z of water, thats one water bottle and let it sit for a few hours voila! you’ve got a liquid soap. As easy as that was to liquify, mess around and leave it in the shower un baggied and it will dissipate just as fast, protect your soap! Why use this you ask? well who doesnt want clear, clean skin without the added harsh sulfates that the store bought products have and who on earth wants to pay those God awful prices for organic products *looks around* not this chick. I’m not cheap I just don’t like wasting money ya dig? My boys all have eczema so using this and rubbing them down with shea butter after is a plus. This soap WILL dry your skin but its not a bad dry, its a dead skin removing, super duper clean, dry, so be sure to follow up with your favorite body moisturizer after using this cause you WILL be ashy baybeh!

Next up!!
My absolute (other) Lord and Savior Black Jamaican Castor Oil – * * * * *

They have many different scents and flavors but my fav is the Lavender. Lavender oil is the most known scent throughout the aromatic world, and regarded as the most versatile essence in aromatherapy. It has a sweet, balsamic, floral aroma which combines well with many oils including Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Lavender is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-depressant, sedative and de-toxifier. It works well on dry or acne prone skin. People who have alopecia can also use lavender, to treat their hair loss. So, for those of you that have dry acne prone skin, Alopecia, and or want their hair to grow fast then the combination of pure Lavender Essential Oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil will get the job done. While I was in the Navy I lived by cornrows which is a known “Edge eater” my edges pretty much dissapeared over the course of the years and I kinda just didnt pay it any attention while I wore weaves. Frustrated one day I did some research and found this, people raved about it and im thinking why not, its worth a try. My edges have filled in about 60% since i began massaging this onto my head for the past 6 months, I’ve been in love since and I never allow myself to run out of it LOL. I massage while Im watching Lifetime or doing some other randomness that doest require me to be mobile. I even found an old “personal massager” <;;~ thats what we’re gonna call it ok?! disinfected it and use it in place of my finger lmao oh boy, to massage my temples. the massage simply stimulate the blood flow and cells to that area and allows the hair to grow in more freely. who knew?!


“Castor oil has been used medicinally for over 4,000 years for all kinds of ailments. The Castor bean is native to Eastern Africa and made its way to Jamaica via the slave trade. Today the Castor Oil is manufactured the old fashioned way in Jamaica. Authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil is dark brown in color accompanied with the traditional burnt smell.

Over the years, Jamaicans have been using castor oil as their home grown remedy for medicinal purposes, as well as skin care, hair care and everyday aches and pains. It is now being used by many African Americans to moisturize, thicken, strengthen and increase their hair growth. Today, Jamaican Black castor Oil has crossed over into other ethnic groups, and is now being used widely for some of the same purposes as well as new found uses, including eyelash and eyebrow hair growth and as a massage oil. This is a versatile oil that carries many varied uses.

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil is processed the “old fashioned “Jamaican way. Our Organic seeds are roasted and grounded by a manual grinder, after which the beans are boiled to extract the 100% pure, dark brown organic oil. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the best quality oil on the market. Why you may ask? Over the last ten years it is an established precedent that Jamaican Black Castor Oil is more effective than the clear Pharmacy Castor Oil because of the Ash Content in Jamaican Black Castor Oil due to roasting of the beans. Therefore it stands to reason that the more Ash Content the more effective the Oil. This is not a myth, it is evidence based FACTS. Compared to other brands, it is the darkest Jamaican Black Castor Oil because we roast our beans longer, which produces more Ash Content in Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil than any other oil on the market. More Ash content increases the effectiveness and the color of the oil. Therefore, the Sunny Isle brand will strengthen and increases hair growth faster than any other brands on the market today. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor is imported from Jamaica, inspected by the FDA and approved for distribution and it is the ONLY Jamaican Black Castor Oil that comes in a safety sealed bottle for your safety protection.”

Coconut Water

So you’ve probably seen this product all over grocery shelves and mini marts, I’m from the Islands but I dont care for coconut water, I know its loaded with vitamins so you know what that means to me? The perfect Hair rinse conditioner!! yes, I use this in place of the popular Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse cause well, I’m not a fan of the smell, so The way I use this as a rinse, after Im done pooing haha pooing, or co washing I pour a bottle of this on my head. Im a shower hair washer so this is normally ideal for me, I know some of you still wash your hair in the kitchen sink lmfao stoppit. Ok so I pour this on and don a shower cap. Shave my legs or whatever I need to finish doing in the shower then I rinse this our with warm water. benefits? Its high in electrolytes, potassium chlorides and magnesiums which equals an ideal ph balance for hair that is lacking life, Ultra softness, curl retention, shine and bounce, coconut anything aids in healthy hair growth so its an all out win. Sams club has these in bulk for $15.99 gitchusum!



This weekend I went swimming and decided to do a my favorite homemade deep conditioning treatment after. Before going into the pool, even though I was rockin a bun, i still wet my hair at the pool shower to avoid the chlorine sticking to my hair. I’m all about DIY and homemade products that I dont have to spend bookoo dollars on, I have tons of different ones but my fav is the banana mask.

I always find myself tryin to eat this cause its so yummy (judge not) I like using this variation because one its cost $0.85 per jar, my hair only uses 2 jars and two, I dont have to do all the mashing and pureeing of the banana myself which can leave chunks behind if you’re not careful, anyway

what you’ll need is

1 or 2 jars of banana food, if you wanna ball till you fall then you can get the organic stuff which is even better for ya

3-4 teaspoons of EVOO (olive oil)

A shower cap/saran wrap

Now I use saran wrap with my shower cap because as the banana warms up from your body heat its drips a little wet wet behind your ears and neck. I don’t use heat with this treatment because of the drip factor. The benefits to this deep conditoner is not only great moisture, but shine, softness, smells yummy, and dandruff control as well, I dont really flake up in the summer like I do in the winter but it doesnt hurt to have extra protection 😉

Egg white mask

Honey chile!, I’ve been doing this mask for about 11 years now, its like an instant face lift and your skin rejoices and glows beautifully, pores shrink, and you’re left with a youthful soft finish.

what you’ll need:

1 egg

1 bowl

1 whisk

simple enough right? crack your egg into the bowl, keeping the yolk in your hand while the whites drip into the bowl. If you’re bougie then crack your egg in half and just toggle the yolk back n forth between egg shells until all the whites are out, discard your yolk or save it for a hair conditioning protein treatment (don’t be wasting stuff geez). Some apply the egg white to the face in its slimy form, I’ll pass, I beat mine until its fluffy and dessert looking then I apply to my face. Some may say avoid the eye area but I put it all over, who cares just dont get in your stinkin eye, I like to put it all over my face, then it tightens and I cant speak or blink lmao love it! Leave this one for about 30 mins, I put it on and go about my daily activities (at home ofcourse) don’t go outside scaring the neighbors/ rinse off with luke warm water and voila!

Mayo hair mask


1 jar of full fat mayo -$1 tree boo

Lather your hair with mayo and don a shower cap! Add heat for a deeper moisturizer. Leave on for 20 mins

Benefits? Less breakage, more shine, and repairs damaged follicles. Rinse out in the shower, condition or shampoo as u normally would. I use this as a prepoo treatment.

Next up Shea butter oil

Lemme tellllllllll yall, if yall don’t know by now, im lazy and now that im pregnant im LAZIER than i’ve ever been, anyway, I got tired of my shea buttter getting hard and having to melt it slightly before putting it on my skin and hair so i decided to find out if it came in oil form and low and behold! yes, and i found it on ebay for about $6.95 for an 8oz bottle and maybe 5 bucks for shipping. love love love at first touch, not only was it non greasy but it disappeared leaving smooth supple delicious skin with NO odor. I cant stand the smell of anything these days so odor free anything is a win with me, so yea im in love, ive had a weave in for about 3 weeks but this weekend im shampooing and deep conditioning so i will definitely try it on my hair , im sure i’ll be absolutely thrilled. I went ahead and ordered raw unrefined coconut oil from the same company so i can build my oil concotions up, i think im gonna either rock my hair or braid it up, I havent decided yet but i know these hormones will have it growing at full speed which is a win 😉  SO for the hair I’d use it as a sealer, which means straight out the shower with freshly poo’d or cowashed hair I would put some on my hair while its wet to seal the moisture in, then go about your business. I have wash n go hair that lasts for about 2-3 days so id reapply this shea oil with some spritz’d on water daily and go.

Next up Aphogee leave in spray-$7.99

ok heres the stats

ApHogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner is a deep penetrating, leave-in conditioner that fortifies limp, lifeless hair creating superior body.


  • Panthenol and Mucopolysaccharides combine to penetrate the cortex to strengthen and increase fullness
  • For all hair types will support hair styles better
  • Low pH (5.5) seals the cuticle to de-tangle and enhance color and highlights
  • Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner perms will spring to life
  • Essential for those using styling tools or dryers
  • May be used daily, before styling or setting
  • Adds Body and Texture
  • Stops Frizz and Seals in Moisture
  • Protects Color and Curls
  • Alcohol Free

SO i’ve always heard about Aphogee and lately I’ve been desperate for a leave in, I almost even contemplated going back to my mama’s infusium leave in, i still might lol anyway, my first time using this was pretty pleasant, I didnt care for the smell too much but it went on light, my shrinkage took a while to extend out even with constant manipulation, Im not sure what my hair as wash n go would have looked like after 2 or so days cause i immediately got a weave put in but this weekend im gonna give it another go and see what it does with the shea oil. My hair was super soft and felt really really strong. I used it with the Aphogee shampoo which was ok too, to me all poos are the same really, no matter what name u slap on it but I like knowing that im using something filled with goodies in my hair especially a leave in.

EVOO oil treatment

I cook with Olive oil so this was simple for me, I didnt wanna keep using my good castor oil for hot oil treatments cause i do em so frequently so i opted for this.
When used on the hair, extra virgin olive oil can nourish, condition and improve the strength and elasticity.

Due to it’s ability to penetrate the hair shaft, this rich moisturizing oil can reach the cortex of the hair, allowing the hair to feel conditioned, nourished, and healthy with each use.

Ways to add this oil into your hair regimen for maximum benefits:

  1. Preshampoo treatment – Add 2-4 tbsps of EVOO to your dry unwashed hair. Apply to the ends first. Use the rest in your scalp. Cover your hair with a plastic cap for 15-20mins (with or without heat). Wash and condition as usual.
  2. Scalp oil – Add 2 tbsps of EVOO to a applicator bottle. Place bottle in warm water to heat up. Test on wrist until desired temp is reached. Apply to the scalp and massage for 10-15 mins. The oil will help dandruff and dryness and the massage will promote growth.
  3. Leave-in – You can use a dab of EVOO over your leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture thus helping to retain a proper moisture balance.
  4. Mixed into your deep conditioner – Add 1-2 tbsps of EVOO to your desired deep conditioner for soft, conditioned, smooth hair.

Regular store bought olive oil is fine.  Happy oiling!

Whipping Sheabutter

SO ive recently since i love shea butter so much but it gets so hard and uneasy to use and who has time to melt some shea everytime they wanna use some i decided to whip it and put it in a seperate container, worked like a charm! i added coconut oil to my slightly melted/microwaved shea and got my handy dandy hand mixxer out and whipped my shea, it was love at first whip, why didnt i think of this before?! i will definitely be buying more shea in bulk and customizing my containers adding more ingredients for the shea i use on my hair and didferent ingredients that i used for the body shea, its as smooth as butter, heres what it looks like, this is a few days old but its still soft 😉 and yes that is my fat pregnant foot on a handicap shower chair judge not! lol


The ultimate deep conditioner!

So over the weekend, I had some Henna left, ( if you’re uncertain what henna is please go to the henna page on the blog 😉 ) so i had a little bit left that i had put in the freezer about a month ago I decided to make what the call a henna gloss which is pretty much using the henna along with other products to make a great deep conditioning treatment. I defrosted the henna and put it in a glass bowl, I then added what was left of my Aussie Moist conditioner as well as a few dollops of Mayo, coconut oil, shea butter oil, honey, and castor oil. I let this sit in my hair for about 2 hours under saran wrap then rinsed it out, I then proceeded to do my indigo treatment (which colors your hair black again, refer to the henna page for more details) awesome mix, a bit messy but my hair was soft as can be!

I decided that since the Jamaican black castor oil was so pricey that i would limit it to only greasing my scalp with and i ordered some organic castor oil from india to use as my hot oil treatments, I also bought so avocado oil to add to my hair growth oil bottle which is an awesome concoction of evoo, jbco, avocado oil, tea tree oil, organic coconut oil and indian Camellia oil greatness!


I also went ahead and purchased a long overdue heat cap like my mama used to use when i was a tot, back when my hair was in the healthiest shape its ever been yea so i bought one and im excited to use it this weekend 😉 bought on ebay for about $31.99 whihc is an awesome price considering its not really sold in stores anymorephoto_2

 Sukesh Ayurveda- $8.00

I know you guys are like wtf you say about my mama? lmfao so you guys know I love Henna and all its lovely benefits, any hair clay really but especially henna The indians have so many different powders that are beneficial to your hair that it can be costly trying to buy them all so I found on a henna distributor’s website a combo powder, and heres what it entails

Sukesh Ayurveda for Hair

  • Organic cassia obovata: Conditions and strengthens hair, improves scalp condition, gives hair incredible shine.
  • Organic amla: Conditions hair, prevents hair loss, high in vitamin c (smooths down hair cuticle), improves condition of the scalp, nourishes the hair, equalises sebum production of the scalp, thickens hair strands.
  • Organic Neem: Anti fungal/anti septic, treats a number of scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, acne, fungal conditions, eczema, soothes itchy scalp, remove excess oil from the hair/scalp, balances sebum production, nourishes hair roots and encourages growth.
  • Organic Aloe Vera: Heals and soothes the scalp, encourages hair growth, nourishes new growth, moisturises hair, improves scalp condition.
  • Organic Tulsi: Anti bacterial, moisturises hair, protects the hair from environmental pollution, heals the scalp from various scalp conditions such as scalp acne and dandruff.
  • Brahmi: Encourages growth, strengthens hair roots, thickens the hair, heals the scalp, decreases shedding, treats scalp conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, improves overall health of scalp and hair.
  • Bhringraj: Encourages and nourishes growth, heals dandruff/fungal infections of the scalp, rejuvenates the hair, decreases hair shedding, prevents scalp from drying out, helps soothe headaches.
  • Shikakai: Has a cooling soothing effect on the scalp, gently cleanses and conditions the hair and scalp, treats common scalp problems, Nourishes the scalp and encourages new growth, slows down shedding, softens and shines the hair.

As you can see, Sukesh Ayurveda is the ultimate anti hair loss, growth encouraging, scalp improving, hair nourishing, conditioning and moisturising treatment!

Ingredients: organic cassia obovata, organic amla, organic neem, organic aloe vera, organic tulsi, brahmi, bhringraj, shikakai

More Info

Using Sukesh AyurvedaSukesh Ayurveda can be used in a number of ways just like any other herbal powder; use it as a wash, as a scalp or hair treatment or steep some powder in a little carrier oil. Following are the best ways to utilize Sukesh Ayurveda.Sukesh Ayurveda as a WashThe wash can be done in a few different ways:
As a tea: In 1 cup of hot (not boiling) water or herbal tea such as Chamomile or Hibiscus, mix in 2-3 TBS of Sukesh Ayurveda powder and let steep for 1-3 hours. Add another 1 ½ cups of hot water, shake, strain (panty hose is excellent for this) and apply to wet hair. Massage into the scalp and ‘press’ into the length. Apply shower cap and rinse out very well at the end of the shower.As a herb pack: Mix enough powder for your hair with water, Hibiscus or Chamomile (herbal) tea. Add ½ tsp of your favrourite oil to the herb pack and apply to damp hair. Cover and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash out the powder VERY well.As a sludge/gravy: The consistency of the gravy/sludge is between that of the tea and herb pack. Mix the powder with enough liquid (tea, or water) until you have something similar to a gravy. Apply to wet hair in the shower and wash out very well at the very end.Sukesh Ayurveda as a Conditioning TreatmentThis powder is wonderfully conditioning and moisturising. Mix enough powder to cover your hair with water, coconut milk, or herbal tea until it is the consistency of thick yogurt. Apply to damp hair, cover and leave on for an hour. Wash out very well. For extra conditioning and moisturising, add 1-2 TBS of Greek yogurt per 100g of powder or your favorite oil or butter to the mix.

Sukesh Ayurveda as a Scalp Treatment

Sukesh Ayurveda is fantastic for healing the scalp. Make a paste similar in consistency to yogurt with water/herbal tea or coconut milk and apply to the scalp area with a plastic squirt/condiment bottle. Cover the hair and leave on for up to an hour. Wash out very well. Re-apply once every two weeks.
Steeping Sukesh Ayurveda in Oil.

As an oil, Sukesh Ayurveda is perfect for healing the scalp and conditioning the hair. In a sterilized jar, place 1-2 TBS of Sukesh Ayurveda and pour over ½ cup of an oil or oil blend of your choice (Golden Jojoba, coconut, olive, Organic Camellia, avocado, sweet almond, etc). Shake the jar very well and store in a cool dark place for 2-3 weeks. Shake the jar every day to avoid clumping. When the oil is ready, strain through a double layer of panty hose. Use the oil on the scalp or hair as often as needed.

TIP: Add 1-2 TBS of Sukesh Ayurveda to your henna paste, conditioner, greek yogurt or other herbal treatments for added benefits


So the pics above are my mix, i mixed the powder with warm bottled water, added greek yogurt, coconut oil, honey, evoo, castor oil and donned my shower cap and saran wrap. I actually was super lazy this day so i fell asleep in it and woke up around 4am to rinse it out cause my hair was itchyyyyyyyy yea dont ever try that atleast not with the yogurt in it, pretty smelly, anywho my results were strong, moisturized, healthy looking hair no shedding when i finger combed and just felt soooo strong. my scalp looked amazing like it had just been scrubbed. I didnt use any shampoo with this, as u guys know i only shampoo like once a month with organic black soap pictured way above. so I used my hello hydration conditioner to rinse out thoroughly and my hair felt amazing. I also wanted to share a tip with you guys unrelated to this. You can purchase sukkesh and henna products from the HennaSooq website 😉 to take this a little further I pur a few tablespoons of this powder in a small bottle with castor oil and im letting it sit for a few weeks before straining it with a piece of hosiery as the website suggests and will be adding the mix to my hair growth oil combination bottle.


So you know how we all hate shrinkage right especially right after wash day, i discovered online the other day through some research how to develop your hair’s hang time. I wash my hair in the shower as most do but im always rinsing backwards when washing product out of my hair well, I discovered that rinsing forward with the coldest amount of water you can stand and sealing your hair with an oil while in the shower develops some of the most amazing hangtime ever! no shrinkage and perfect for a wash and go. ♥

Pantene CoWash Cleansing conditioner- $4.99


Here are the claims

“Pantene responds to your hair’s structure to help bring out the beauty that’s yours alone.

Pantene’s Truly Natural Line is a line of products designed to help manage your natural hair. Pantene knows that your hair has a unique structure with distinctive twists & turns so hair can knot and be unmanageable.

Pantene’s oil enriched Co-Wash, instantly cleanses, and conditions, and detangles in one easy step without stripping the hair’s natural moisture.
Low lathering formula refreshes unmanageable curls and helps control frizz and when used between shampoos adds shine and softness.”

SO yall know im not much of a product junkie, not like most people I know, anyway So I have been seeing people ranting and raving about pantene’s new cowash conditioner and thought I would give it a shot, at an impressive $4.99 for a humongous bottle I grabbed it at my local target and headed home. I did a deep conditioning with my Sukkesh powder first and sat under the heat cap for about 15 mins and hopped in the shower to co wash, I’ve always loved the smell of Pantene but this smell was especially yummy I applied a generous amount after rinsing out the sukkesh treatment and scrubbed with my nails, its been about two weeks since I washed so my scalp was ready chile, I did a second round after rinsing it out then applied my hello hydration herbal essence conditioner for a few minutes while I showered. I rinsed and immediately felt the softness and self detanglation<~my word that occured, I didnt even need a comb, great slippage while rinsing and an  absolute win! Pantene cowash gets an A+ in my book. I will more than likely concoct a leave in conditioning spray with some other ingredients out of this for extra manageability once I start wearing my hair foreal foreal LOL  here were the results.. great hang time and total softness 😉


Organix Coconut Conditioner- $5.99



Indulge your senses with this exclusive blend of organic coconut milk to nourish your hair, while ultra whipped egg white proteins add strength and elasticity, along with weightless coconut oils to add hydration and balance.Why We Love It…
It’s like a trip to the tropics in a bottle.Why You Want It…
The luxuriously creamy, foaming, hydrating formula leaves your hair feeling clean, glowing, softly scented and super soft.

What’s In It for You…
Organic coconut milk and ultra whipped egg white proteins along with weightless coconut oil to hydrate and nourish your hair as gentle cleansers wash away impurities.

What It’s In…
Organix® bottles are eco-friendly, manufactured from materials containing recycled post-consumer resin. All labels are printed utilizing environmental inks and compostable label film made form annually renewable resource corn, not form petrochemicals.

Sulfate Free. Paraben Free. Not Tested On Animals.

Made in the USA



Avoid contact with eyes.Chile I wanted to see what all the hype was about with this plus I see it everywhere, its pretty bottle and stuff and figured I’d give it a shot, sulfate free why the heck not. I didn’t bother with the shampoo cause well I don’t use shampoo in my hair only the black soap so I was getting ready to do some Senegalese twists on my hair so I co washed with this and my Pantene and let me tell you it was amazing, great slip, great smell! I’m a coconut everything type of person anyway, the last amazing coconut conditioner I smelled for God’s sake was Suave LOLOL so yea I was in love, my hair was silky and clean it didn’t feel like I was rinsing forever like it feels with most conditioners so this product is a plus and priced very nicely even though it’s a small bottle. 

Curly Kinky Knot Today- $11.99



KNOT TODAY TM is a creamy herbal conditioner and detangler designed to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, snarls and tangles from thick curly textured hair.

After washing hair, apply KNOT TODAY TM generously and work through troubled areas with a wide tooth comb.

Can be used as a regular rinse out conditioner for wavy hair or as a leave-in for thicker curlier hair types. An excellent product to use after removing braids and extensions.

**TIP- When using this product as a leave-in, apply in the shower and rinse with a little water to evenly distribute the conditioner.


Ok! Love! I’ve never had to use a detangler I mean I typically use some coconut oil immediately after washing and finger comb and voila but this stuff right here made life so easy! I rocked a wash n go which I never do either because of the drying effects, frizz and what not so this helped my definition tremendously I was in love love love ! its worth the 12 bucks spent.



Grape seed oil- $8 for 8oz


Grape seed oil has a bazillion different uses but lately its making its debut in the natural hair community, there r so many oils out there every time I find a good one I add it to my concocted bottle of various oils with an applicator top and apply to my scalp It is full of antioxidants which protect your hair from various free radicals. This light oil is excellent for fine or thin hair. Heating grape seed oil and applying it to the scalp and hair gives hair sheen, reduces brittleness, strengthen hair strands, and protects against split ends.

As it smoothes the hair cuticles, dry, rough and frizzy hair can also benefit from the use of grape seed oil, because it seals in moisture. Other problems such as dandruff can be reduced by regularly applying grape seed oil on the scalp. But the best thing about applying grape seed oil on your hair is that it can be safely applied on all hair types, whether normal, dry or oily. It can be used as a hot oil treatment, heat protectant, or to seal in your favorite moisturizer.  It can also be applied to your skin as well. I used this as a sealant immediately after I exited the shower I applied to my hair while it was still dripping wet to lock the moisture in, I loved it better than I did the coconut oil by itself so I think I’ll be using it in place of the coconut oil 😉 I get both of these on ebay relatively cheap t hey sell from 2oz to about 5 gallons lol one day I will purchase the 5 gallon it should last a month or so LOLOL.



 Miss Jessie’s Pillow soft Curls- $26



The name says it all. Miss Jessie’s PILLOW SOFT CURLS™ is the new styling lotion that borrows fabric care technology and marries it to haircare. It is perfect for achieving static-free, big, soft, curly hair that we all dream about. If you don’t want ramen noodle definition and instead want a larger, expanded, fluffy curl then PILLOW SOFT CURLS™ is for you! It’s the first “fabric softener” type styling lotion that will leave your curls clothesline fresh and fluffy soft. You will see that PILLOW SOFT CURLS™ is so easy to apply. It spreads so smoothly and feels as light as a feather on your curls.

SO this damn thing, well it was free so I really can’t complain too hard but I wouldn’t pay $26 for any hair product period. It smells like downy fabric softener and that’s exactly what u will smell like once you apply it. I didn’t notice anything significant or noticeable when I used it so I started letting my boys use it in their hair and on occasion I would apply it to one of my lace front wigs to tame it down and add moisture dassit. I can’t even really review this product that’s how insignificant it was to me lol it did have great slip and helped with detangling but honestly I was so annoyed by the scent I never used it again


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Monica G.
    Jun 07, 2012 @ 13:45:00

    i swear you put me on to Shea Butter like 4 days ago and my life has never been the same. I am IN LOVE with softness & my hair isnt rough & dry! omg my 3 boys have eczema too Shea butter has become their regular “lotion” its working wonders especially on the baby. THANK YOU!


  2. Eudora
    Jun 11, 2012 @ 12:27:40

    Ha! I love JBCO also


  3. DelRae
    Jun 11, 2012 @ 17:52:20

    you tips!! i will be using!! i do not like Shea Moisture Curl Soufflee, it is the worst for styling on my hair


  4. Charmain Jones
    Jul 12, 2012 @ 19:50:51

    I love the brown sugar recipes, I also stopped using the ACV because of the smell, I’m going to try coconut water though. A lot of good ideas, keep ’em coming Dani ;-)!!


    • danounou
      Jul 12, 2012 @ 19:52:40

      Thanks Main! yes thats some smelly stuff especially in the shower when that heat hits it its even worse *barfs* you’re really supposed to dilute it but i just pour it on and don a shower cap. The coconut water definitely has replaced it loll


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