My Hair Journey & Various Styles


ok so yea i was bored lol loving it though!








check out my hang time though, all natural fresh out the shower LOL



marley twists, fewer, bigger

marley twists, fewer, bigger

hurr1 hurr2

Marley twists small version

Marley twists small version


wow its been a while welp, since im pregnant my hair is growing super fast so im kinda just outta sight out of mind and just trying to not manipulate it as much, even my weave wearing has diminished drastically, i’ve just been trying to nurture my hair and keep it healthy mostly..


So I decided to take my braids out last night cause they grew out and i didnt feel like re braiding the top pieces that were nagging and pulling, I did decide to step outside the box a little and get some brown hair LOL, I call her Angelica haha!


Hat day LOL


So today was Poo day (shampoo) for my braids, I mixed some liquid african shea butter soap with Suave (no sulfate) shampoo just for the scent really into a spray bottle and scrubbed gently before getting into the shower. Then I piled on the conditioner and donned a shower cap for some steam action, these braids weight like 90lbs when theyre wet so i was really trying to hurry up and get out to dry em off.

spray bottle and dilution makes the shampoo process much easier

when all was said and done, I put some coconut oil on my scalp ( i didnt JBCO cause the smell is not the first thing i

wanna smell on fresh poo’d hair, the coconut oil sealed and lubed my hair and gave the braids a nice sheen, I use blue magic cause its cheap and i wont feel bad putting it on fake hair as well as my own ūüėČ I dont use it as often as the JBCO cause Blue magic DOES have petroleum in it so you will get buildup on your scalp alot sooner than later, and im not about this shampoo life once a week, once every two to three weeks work for me.¬†


Week 2 of my boxbraids, so far so good, jbco on my scalp every night, no itchies, not tighties, and my hands are out of my hair LOL


My braided side bun


I decided to give my tresses a break from me so I resorted to my old trusty boxbraids, This was my 3rd time this year, clearly I dont keep em in long but I figured if i did em super small this time that I would want to and theyre so cute n tiny that I think I will leave em in LOL. It took me two days, I work from 8-5 so I only had like from 6pm until midnight to do em before dozing off slowly, I simply threw a hat on the first day while they were half done till I could get home n finish em up on the second.

¬†I like doing them myself because I have complete control over how I like them and how tight they are, they arent tight at all and my edges are completely untouched. The african hair braiders have NO mercy on your edges so I’ve definitely learned my lesson not to mention, the $22 I spent on 12 packs of hair versus the $200 I woulda gottten charged to have these done cause theyre so long, well you can figure the #win out yourself LOL.

a little over half way done, exhaustedddd

Final Product- I boil water and dip the ends in,¬† using a towel i dry em off while pulling the ends straight and unkinking the hair, I then add gel and coconut oil to seal the ends, wrap it up and go. ( don’t mind my attire) lmao


Growing up I’ve always had the thickest and longest hair ever, I relaxed at the age of 10 so from that point it was just long jet black bone straight hair and continued that way throughout my 20’s then it got thin and annoying and¬†I¬†discovered WEAVES *cues choir* yesss¬†so anyway while I¬†was pregnant with jt¬†in 2004 I decided i was gonna take the clippers to 16 inches of thin annoying bone straight hair, and I¬†did, it felt so freakin¬†good I¬†tried to do it again that very moment except well you know there was no hair but anyway, from that point I became a natural, swore off relaxers grew a cute lil¬†fro, got out of the navy, relaxed again and got heavy on the weaves only I¬†was a DIY chick now, shoo I¬†can glue some hair in myself? it was on. ok 2008 rolled around I¬†was like ok I wear so many weaves why not just shave my hair off again so that my weave could lay better? -__- yes once again shaved off about 11 inches of hair and started over natural…..again smh so I’ve been natural since only this time, I actually started to care about my hair and wanted to undo all the damage I¬†had done in the previous years ie: years of cornrowin, yall¬†know those African braiders¬†have no mercy whats soever on your edges so they were pretty much nonexistent. I had to baby my baby hair around my edges and pretty much retrain and regrow, im still not done it’s a¬†sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooow¬†did I say slow, slow process but i¬†do see results and now that im wiser about it, you know the saying if you know better you’ll do better, or something like that I dunno anyway I know better now so whew… Below you’ll find photos of my various hair journeys, transitions, phases, wigs etc.. this page will be updated regularly!

This is my goal, My 8 year old head of hair, full, healthy and just fabulous!

My idea of big chop, go hard or go home eh?

braids, self done woot!

Another fav lace

I was an unhealthy natural back in 2009, all chemicals everything, hair dry as a broom, but cute LOL

fro hawk

The most daring thing I’ve ever done with my hair LOL


My homemade two strands

wash n go with shea moisture curl souflee, even my face was greasy lmao

Marley braid experiment, it was alright, made it to two week then i missed my hair LOL

teeny fro, shrinkage is the devil

whats goin on here? lmao its called hair stretching for those who suffer from hair shrinkage after shampooing it stretches your fro for length

twisted my hair lastnight only to throw a beanie on it today LOL

My fav lace r.i.p.

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