My Fitness Journey And Tips

Aug 2013

soooooooooo 32lbs down i have about 30 more to go until im at my goal, Ive signed up for ex treme water aerobics on tuesday, TRX circuit trianing class on wednesdays with the Marines and Crossfit on thursdays, mon and fri I will either run or do P90X2 kicking into high gear now trying different things to gian different results ;))









26 June 2013

So im officially 24lbs down since starting Herbalife, I have 41 to go until I am at my goal! too excited, I will post before and after pics when im mentally ready to do so LOLOL

Since starting this diet I’ve been nervous about eating out cause everything is so processed so I’ve been cooking everything fresh but I pulled this off an Herbablog and found it to be super helpful!

Tips for making the best choices in ethnic restaurants

Here are some pointers for the best choices from some of the most popular ethnic cuisines:

Mexican Food:

Say yes to: grilled seafood and poultry; soft tacos; salads; salsas.   

Have less of: chips, quesadillas, chorizo, sour cream, cheese.

Chinese Food:

Say yes to:  veggies, tofu, seafood, poultry;  stir-fried, steamed, simmered, braised dishes; oyster, black bean, lobster sauce; soups; green tea.

Have less of: white rice, noodles, fried appetizers or meats, sweet and sour sauce.

Italian Food:

Say yes to:  green salads, broth-based soups, grilled meats and fish; marinara, wine or clam sauce.

Have less of: fatty meats, cheese, cheese-filled pasta; cream sauces.

Japanese Food:

Say yes to: miso soup; yakitori, sukiyaki, sushi, sashimi; vinegar, teriyaki, soy sauces; green tea. 

Have less of: white rice, katsu (fried dishes), tempura, udon.

Thai and Vietnamese Food:

Say yes to: fresh spring rolls; broth-based soups; stir-fried or grilled dishes.  

Have less of: fried appetizers; heavy coconut curries; peanut sauces; mee-krob; sweet sauces.

Indian Food:

Say yes to: most bean and lentil dishes; tandoori, tikka; paneer; yogurt sauces; chutney, pickles; raita. 

Have less of: fried appetizers or entrees; korma; creamy curries.

Middle-Eastern Food:  

Say yes to: salads, grilled fish and poultry; dolmas; hummus; baba ghanoush.

Have less of: falafel; spanakopita; baklava.



Whew so I took a break from this page because I was pregnant of course but now I’m back and I’m on an exciting journey. I started herbalife around May 15th and ive lost 11 lbs thus far, lbs that were not pregnancy weight. I have a goal to lose 67lbs so I have a long ways to go but I’m excited, I will let you guys know what my regiment is on herbalife, I haven’t even begun to work out yet so I know my weight loss will be rapid once I start sweatin in the gym 😉 Looking forward to sharing this journey with u guys xoxo


This motivates me, What Motivates you?


So this morning for breakfast I had my usual trailmix breakfast blend (my crack) mixed in with some greek yogurt, and banana. This stuff is so gooood im pretty sure im not supposed to go through like a bag a day but whatevs. I love love love ittt. I have my usual 55oz cup of water that Im supposed to drink 2 a day of *stares out the window*, I mean I drink one before my shift is over im still working on incorporating the second gallon dang. Experts say you’re supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces daily, if only experts knew how much i hated peeing they would revamp this a little eh? no? ok well in the mean while I try ok ok. I got a straw which helps me sip faster, I dont do bad I just havent been successful in finishing a second 55oz. geez, what excuse do I have besides the fact that the toilet paper at work feels like sand paper of my lady parts? none. you’re right, try harder Dani!!

for lunch today I brought in left over lamb chops from last night’s dinner, and brown rice which was a hit with the beau I tell ya! I still dont think he believes I cooked it lmao, whatever get familiar Chef boyarDEE puts it down in the kitchen ;D


Do you know what your body shape is? its important to know for several reasons mainly for attire, knowledge is power!


ok so this page is not going to be depressing but encouraging and filled with tons of get fit stuff. I’ve never really been skinny, I have been in tip top shape most of my life except when I was pregnant of course. After I had JT, being that I was still active duty and refuuuuuuuuused to rock that maternity uniform any longer than I had to, I worked out twice a day, put myself on mando pt and command pt so that I was forced to go, and met “The Navy’s goal weight” of 158 for my height. so there I was post baby with a 4 month old, back in size 6 pants, how kick ass right? Got out the Navy and hot damn! gained a good 35lbs I was living with my kid’s dad so we were eatin good, drinkin good and gettin fat lmao nobody was pt’ng for what? he was gettin ready to retire and me? well I was a home maker dogoonit i was busy home makin n stuff shoo, that was exercise right? yea ok. needless to say this weightloss journey is for me, to purge all the unncessary weight that i associate with that relationship and those times, Im ready to be my fit self again, its definitely a journey, Im currently in month two of Insanity *sigh* I keep having to take time off and skipping weeks because Insanity has reeked havoc on my knees and ankles but i don’t give not one single solitary damn ive just adjusted the workout to avoid any unnecessary tension on those areas and im keepin it movin. im not a scale watcher so u wont see me posting weight numbers and dont expect to see any real before pictures LOL!!

This is where I wanna be again 2006!

This was in 2006 7 months after having JT. chile. I remember losing so much weight I had to buy a whole new set of uniforms $600 worth, ridic! but guess what, I might not have my 26 year old metabolism however comma, This is the goal and what I’m working towards. “Watch meh” In my Patra voice. cho


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hytekblue
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 17:13:40

    Good luck with your journey… just remember its a journey not a destination 🙂


  2. kristuhlee
    Aug 21, 2013 @ 23:27:13

    omg baby mama! i swear i am obsessed with your blog like a stalker lol! anywho i was complaining to bernard yesterday that i am so unhappy at a size 6..but you made me realize that people would kill to be in size 6…. ❤ ❤ ❤


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