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I’ve always been a reader, addicted to books,  Hi my name is Dani and im a Bookaholic!, don’t let the book have a part two or three and I find out at the very end, no matter what time it is I will NOT be able to sleeep until I’ve obtained it smh… issues yes. My dream home will have the biggest freakin library room to itself, just wall to wall shelves of books, in semi alphabetical order cause you know well, I’m not the most organiiiized but anywhoo. This page is dedicated to books I’ve read and small reviews on each, how do you give a review without tellin the story? haha we shall see eh?

First up, my Favoritest author on erffffff Eric Jerome Dickey, *sigh* this dude *sigh* I mean he knows wayyyyyyyy too much about the female species I could only imagine dating or being married to him, absolutely nothing would get past this man. I heart him, alot, I’ve got a crush on him just through reading his books ,again issues..

First up!

Milk In My Coffee – Eric Jerome Dickey

A novel about the experiences of a young black man who moves to Manhattan from Tennessee, to work on Wall Street, and becomes involved with a caucasian girl. This was my first read by EJD and I got it because it was $5.97 at Walmart and I just wanted a small taste of his writing. I was hooked.

Resurrecting Midnight – Eric Jerome Dickey

This book threw me off a little, it wasn’t about love, it was all actiony and stuff but still an awesome read

International assassin Gideon spilled blood for the first time when he was seven years old, with a single shot to the head of a man who was attempting to kill the woman Gideon had known as his mother. The victim was none other than his own father, a man of unspeakable evil. This pivotal event shaped Gideon throughout his life, made him who he is, one of the fiercest, most feared hired guns in the world.

And one of the most hunted. 

After nearly losing his life in Antigua during a mission that went terribly wrong, Gideon trusts no one. But when a former lover and grifter, Arizona, resurfaces in need of his skills, she reminds him he was indebted to a man who had once saved his life: the son of the legendary con-man Scamz. Gideon is forced to take on an assignment which will lead him to Argentina in pursuit of a briefcase containing one part of a larger puzzle. The “package” contains material that another group of assassins the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will kill to obtain and protect. One of the leaders of the Four Horsemen has a connection to Gideon that neither man is aware of — a connection that will be exposed when they meet face-to-face and gun-to-gun. Each member of The Four Horsemen is a world-class killer, each with a dark and dangerous past, and nothing will stop that team of renegades from completing their mission. 

As Gideon struggles to keep promises and uncover information about his past, he finds himself at the center of the ultimate double-cross and he is forced to do what he must to protect himself and those closest to him. Set amidst the exotic and vibrant streets of Miami and Buenos Aires, Resurrecting Midnight is an action-filled, pulse- pounding thriller from bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey.


Pleasure- Eric Jerome Dickey

Chile, from the first paragraph this book had my jaw dropped lmao it is definitely rated R and beyond lmao very very awesome read though, EJD’s books are never smutty like his counterparts, they’re tastefully smutty which is amazeballs that a male author can even do that!

About it: When crippled by an insatiable appetite, the hunt for fulfillment carries a significant quest to quickly satisfy ones fervent desires. For Nia Simone Bijou, a successful writer residing in Atlanta, the thirst for Pleasure drives her sexual curiosity from the lifeless pages of a fictitious book, to the tangible corridors within her silken boudoir. Synonymous to the adventures of her personal idol Anais Nin, Nia embarks upon a tantalizing journey to accommodate her body’s silent call for a life of uninhibited erotica.Through her eyes you are invited into a world of risk, fantasy, seduction and consequence. Mark and Karl, her identical sins and Kiki Sunshine, her unexpected inamorata, aid in Nia’s desire to convert her unrestrained fantasies into a quenchable reality. Yet remember, a life without limits is the perfect enemy to a world with open reservations. As with any salacious desire, the heat behind Nia’s irrepressible actions evoke a consequential promise of an intruding nightmare.

Black Funk- Michael Presley

*sigh* im gonna have to read this series again because 8 years later i still have some questions lol The term Black Funk, you’re gonna have to read the book to get the full gist of it, LOL yea. This book was good, and when i found out there was a part 2, 3, and now 4? I’ve read all but 3 and 4 which is why I need to read it all again lol Amazon has this fairly cheap 44 cents last time I checked, this book is deep.

About it: After seeing his woman torn apart by Blackfunk, Rashaun picks up the pieces and tries to love again. Andria, his intended love, had her share of problems, including the man who sent her to the hospital and later the psychiatrist. In a world filled with sex, betrayal and violence the two of them travel from New York to the West Indies. In the… “… Pursuit of happiness.” they will have to overcome the ghost from the past, friends whose lives are falling apart and the bleeding of their souls.



The Left Behind Series- Tim Lahaye

Man look, this book scared the life out of me, I couldnt sleep for a few weeks till i read the entire series, after the 5th book I got lost, or busy or something but yea, very very great series! It pretty much sums up the book of revelations into a story form, and definitely raises some questions. They tried to make a movie out of this but it was so wack, I think the little guy from Growing Pains was in it and it was all of like 40 mins long lol.


Why Men Love Bitches- Sherry Argov

whew lmao, this book was pure unadulterated comedy, I used to work with a nurse at the naval hospital who recommended this book to me during one of our daily afternoon chats about men and how stupid they were (at the time) so immediately headed to Barnes and Nobles and bought it.

Do you feel like you are too nice? Sherry Argov’s Why Men Love Bitchesdelivers a unique perspective as to why men are attracted to a strong woman who stands up for herself. With saucy detail on every page, this no-nonsense guide reveals why a strong woman is much more desirable than a “yes woman” who routinely sacrifices herself. The author provides compelling answers to the tough questions women often ask:

  • Why are men so romantic in the beginning and why do they change?
  • Why do men take nice girls for granted?
  • Why does a man respect a woman when she stands up for herself?

Full of advice, hilarious real-life relationship scenarios, “she says/he thinks” tables, and the author’s unique “Attraction Principles,” Why Men Love Bitches gives you bottom-line answers. It helps you know who you are, stand your ground, and relate to men on a whole new level. Once you’ve discovered the feisty attitude men find so magnetic, you’ll not only increase the romantic chemistry-you’ll gain your man’s love and respect with far less effort.

Theres also a part two titled Why Men Marry Bitches, I havent read it yet but im sure its just as hilarious
Think Like a Man Act Like  lady- Steve Harvey
I can honestly say the movie was way better than the book. In my opinion the book didn’t really tell you anything that you really didn’t know already if you had some good sense as a woman. I don’t know about the whole 90 day rule thing, I think thats very generic, this book would be a true chicken head’s bible on how she can redeem herself in the dating realm, but I get it, ignorance is bliss and sometimes honestly folk don’t know any better. It does give a different insight on how women should approach things from a man’s perspective but its really tough to generalize men into this one category, all men are not created equally, great read and entertaining movie, Steve put out there what many were afraid to say..
In comedian Steve Harvey’s new book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment,” he lets women inside the male mindset, introducing such concepts as the 90-day rule

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  1. DelRae
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    gurl you are my soulmate!! love eric jerome and the left behind series!!!


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    Saved as a favorite, I love your blog!


  5. DelRae
    Feb 02, 2013 @ 17:52:17

    I knew there was a reason why we are friends I love all those book


  6. DelRae
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 21:43:30

    T.i. Books are pretty good! Beauty & Power…trouble & triumph


    • danounou
      Apr 04, 2013 @ 21:45:04

      I really like him, im sure he would make a great read, i dunno whens the next time i’ll have some time to read and enjoy a book that isnt grad school related LOL


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