30 day loss guide with HerbaLife

Amazingness! for those who were inquiring about my Herbalife process, this is the best break down there is 😉


Okie Dokey! Lets get this thing done!!!

This is your plan.

What you will need, Ultimate Kit(comes with Formula 1 shake mix, Herbal Tea, Total Control, Thermobond, Aminogen, Cell-U-Loss, Cell Activator, Multivitamin,  and Snack Defense. You will also need Prolessa Duo. You will also need to add 8 oz of milk to your shakes whether it is soy, almond, coconut, lactaid, or regular milk. Make sure that the milk is fat free or 1%. If you do not like the milk then you will need to get the Vanilla flavored Protein Drink Mix which supplements the protein that you would normally get in the milk. Do not skimp on the milk or the powders, they are mixed this way on purpose, so that you maximize your protein intake, if you do not get enough protein, you will be hungry and you will want to eat.

I am going to lay…

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