Happy New Year!


OK it’s a new year! I promise to blog more, I’m really not that busy just lazy as all hell but I promise to do better guys 😉 Anywho lets talk about 2013, I decided to not to make , well not to verbalize any new years resolutions, I feel that if you have a goal you’d like to achieve just do it, no need to announce it to the world because half the time we don’t stay on task and there’s nothing worse than the world watching you fail LOL I mean basically. This year will be extremely busy for me, from the birth of my little one in April, to sending my boys off to Okinawa to visit their dad, to home repairs and remodeling, being home for 2-3 months on maternity leave not to mention, finishing Grad school! *irons cape* it’s doable and I refuse to believe otherwise. One thing about me, I don’t pussy foot around with stuff that I need to accomplish, unless im physically disabled or incapacitated it WILL get done. My love life will be put on an indefinite hold, unless God decides he wants to send my knight n shining armor to me this year then im really not checkin for him any other way. I really truly and honestly cant wait to get back in the gym lmao im so serious. My oldest will be 16 years old in 4 months where does time go? these kids grow up too damn fast! I was talking to a coworker today about what we’re gonna do when our oldest kids leave the nest, I think I will be a pure mess, he is like my right hand man LOL I can’t even begin to imagine that life, lets start with the small stuff first like driver’s ed and buying his first car. Lord, I’m getting old, and that’s fine. So let me tell y’all how lame I was on New Year’s Eve, I actually stayed up until 11:50 and fell asleep roughly around 11;55, the boys werent in town so I literally had nothing to do, no one to talk to or anything but my pillow felt amazing lmao I’m more than certain that I didn’t miss a thing. This holiday break was more than relaxing and I am well rested. What are some of your goals for the new year? a new love? a vow to increase love of self? financial freedom?…


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