Go Shawty

Ok so I’m officially a fossil today, Oct 23, 1979 , I will be joining the AARP club as soon as I conclude my work day this evening lmao anyway, as the years go by each birthday seems to be special in its own little way, although this year I won’t be overindulging or indulging at all in any alcoholic beverages since I am fertilized, I think just being thankful for seeing another year will suffice. I got to work to a decorated desk and birthday cake, over 230 facebook birthday wishes and countless text messages, I’m thankful for them all and its just nice to know folks care 😉  I will get home this evening  and JT will be waiting by the door for me, leading my hand to the fridge where the cake is located LOL kids. My mom drove down 4 hours from VA yesterday just to surprise me with a cake and gift and then drove back last night. It really meant alot to me cause she’s about to have knee surgery and cant walk all that great right now but she drove down to visit her baby lol It’s the little things ♥

let the festivities continue..

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. YaRealBabyDaddy
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 10:49:09

    Happy Birthday Baby Mamma!


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