Today’s kid

Man I can vent about this topic all day!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats wrong with our spoiled a&& kids?? I know the answer is us, the parents but damn I mean, my kids are electronic’d down, and I admit between their dad and I it keeps them busy its for the greater good and well why not right? but yet and still I find myself screaming at them to get out the house, we have a whole acre of backyard that nobody wants to go play in, nobody wants to go ride their bikes or scooters or go exploring or nothing cool that boys are supposed to wanna do. Especially now that its getting colder they REALLY don’t want to go outside now, so ive decided to be (the bad guy) and limit electronics times daily. well, LOL all I got was maaaaaaaaaaaa I don’t have anything to do!!!! so being the genius that i am, I handed em a bottle of 409 each and a wash rag and said scrub the wallls and baseboards I mean for God’s sake pick up a book or do something else or guess what? you’re gonna field day the house. Needless to say the house is immaculately clean these days well the walls anyway….

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