Sleeping in public

So this morning, because im the queen of awesome and uneventful mornings *rolls eyes* I feel a little gravelling in my tires cause you know im the queen of foreign objects in your tire so I decide to stop at the hobby shop on base cause im pretty certain that something has penetrated my tire cause I totally go offroading in the woods daily in a mercedes -_- yea ok, you would think I did, so anyway I go inside to have a seat, im thinking yea I can just lay my head on this here wall and take a little cat nap, cross my legs all dainty like and just close my eyes cause Lord knows I was up until 1am tossing and turning and peeing waking up to snack cause im a secret fat ass and cant sleep through the night  so yea, the world goes black, I’m dreaming about some rollercoaster that im on that apparently doesn’t end? I’m in a tutu, as an adult mind you, the other details are kind of vague, all I know is I do not like roller coasters or dreams that have me falling in some sort of way.  I felt someone tapping on my shoulders on this roller coaster or so I thought, I jumped  up sweating and this mechanic is like 3 inches away from my face cackling, Im like wtf dude why are you so close to me and wtf is funny? he’s like you were in here screaming ” bitch get me down” I’m like shut up I was only asleep for like 2 minutes, the gentleman sitting across from me who just happened to be a Major started laughing and said ” yea he’s right you were screaming but all I heard was “Bitch” lmao im thinking whatever, I don’t even talk in my sleep, and I KNOW I didn’t doze off for more than 2 minutes liars. the mechanic showed me the pen sized nail that came out of my tire and sent me on my way, still laughing he’s  like “That must’ve been one hell of a dream” I drove off thinking dammit I need to get some sleep at night, if i could black out that quick AND manage to yell vulgarities in my sleep in public unknowingly I got  problems. Have you ever fallen asleep in public?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. YaRealBabyDaddy
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 13:56:19

    Get some sleep! SMH! I know you were slobbing because you’re quick to do that. Funny as hell.


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