Hello mami.. Can I speak to Bobbi

Yessssssssss guess who’s back?! I’ve always been a Patra stan from the age of 12 lmao I was ratchet, I cut every pair of  black biker shorts I ever owned into little “pum pum” shorts bought 5 packs of jumbo braid hair and voila I was a mini patra, Her music was never really appropriate for my age but nevertheless its not like anyone around me could understand what she was saying anyway so it wasnt a problem. She has a new single  out titled “Come ova” featuring Delus. very sexy video! I’m excited for her return!

Patra’s music is still sexy, but its toned down and matured appropriately, she says. “Now I keep the batty draws in the drawer. I don’t need to expose anything but my talent. I have more values than all of that. I don’t have to worry. I am a true island girl. Im spiritual and low maintenance. It’s important to be more spiritual and focused in your business”. Loving it, growth is a beautiful thing. The diva known throughout the world as patra was born Dorothy Smith, the second of five children and the only daughter of jamaican parents. born in kingston and raised in westmoreland parish, Patra and her brothers were raised by their mother after their father died when Patra was only three years old. Like many north american divas, some of patra’s first public singing engagements were as part of her church’s choir.

Patra, who has been on hiatus for a few years, is back with new management, A&R Executive/Producer Rich Nice and an album slated for release this summer. In a recent interview with the Jamaica Observer, Patra stated the following about her return, “I’m a sex symbol and I am ready to give a show. I am back with a new mature edge. It is not about going on stage and spitting lyrics. 2012 will see the return of the ‘Queen’ in full force.”

The dancehall artist first achieved success in 1994 when she was featured on Shabba Ranks single “Family Affair” which peaked at #84 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She followed up with “Worker Man” which also peaked at #53 on the Hot 100 chart, the Top 20 on the R&B chart and #1 on the U.S. Dance chart. Her second single, “Romantic Call,” a collaboration with emcee Yo-Yo, also did well. Patra recorded her debut album Queen of The Pack, which featured the hit single, “Think (About It)” and sophomore album Scent of Attraction, both of which did very well. However, her biggest hit was the remake of Grace Jones’ “Pull Up to the Bumper.”

Delus, who has been busy promoting single “What Tomorrow May Bring,” states “I liked working with Patra on this project and hope there will be another opportunity to work with her in the near future. Dameon was instrumental in making the connection and I am really grateful for his support. I hope the single will resonate well with fans and based on the initial response, I think it will.”

To eat or not to eat.. that is the question..

I think its human nature to want and desire EVERYTHING that isn’t good for us, I mean we Live for that crap, not to mention how expensive it is to eat right I mean, you can feed an entire village off the Mcdonald’s dollar menu. Its so much easier to just eat crap and be full then to actuallys it down and make a conscientous effort to plan and actually eat healthy meals, I’m pissed off that my bread of choice cost $4.99 in the stores, I could buy the grocery store brand and be content but it doesnt have all the nooks and crannies I like in a bread LOL  everything is supposed to kill us anyway so why not be happy before you die eh? no? lmao I mean seriously. We all have guilty pleasures whether its alcohol, a high calorie dessert, a fat nasty burger like my fetus wanted yesterday but decided to splatter the walls with projectile instead, it could be anything. Whatever it is indulge! I know health fanatics people who eat clean exercise 2-3 times a day that ended up with cancer, no one is freakin safe these days so why torture yourself, you know if you’re a lard ass u have no business eating somethings and then being sedentary at that is a recipe for trouble but if you’re active, and do some form of exercise daily or a few times a week I don’t see the harm in it. Moderation is where I think we all fail at, and not reading labels, who knew a can of chicken noodle soup would have you retaining water like a whale with a whopping 800grams of sodium or that chicken burrito at taco bell had 970 calories or that 8oz red solo cup long island iced tea has 750 calories? Foods that are high in calories from fat or sugar can make you gain weight if you don’t get enough exercise to expend excess calories. A daily calorie limit to maintain your weight depends on your age, sex, activity level and other factors. Carrying extra weight increases your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer, according to the Office of the Surgeon General. All in all we know better we just dont give a damn basically lol.

whats your guilty pleasure?

Sleeping in public

So this morning, because im the queen of awesome and uneventful mornings *rolls eyes* I feel a little gravelling in my tires cause you know im the queen of foreign objects in your tire so I decide to stop at the hobby shop on base cause im pretty certain that something has penetrated my tire cause I totally go offroading in the woods daily in a mercedes -_- yea ok, you would think I did, so anyway I go inside to have a seat, im thinking yea I can just lay my head on this here wall and take a little cat nap, cross my legs all dainty like and just close my eyes cause Lord knows I was up until 1am tossing and turning and peeing waking up to snack cause im a secret fat ass and cant sleep through the night  so yea, the world goes black, I’m dreaming about some rollercoaster that im on that apparently doesn’t end? I’m in a tutu, as an adult mind you, the other details are kind of vague, all I know is I do not like roller coasters or dreams that have me falling in some sort of way.  I felt someone tapping on my shoulders on this roller coaster or so I thought, I jumped  up sweating and this mechanic is like 3 inches away from my face cackling, Im like wtf dude why are you so close to me and wtf is funny? he’s like you were in here screaming ” bitch get me down” I’m like shut up I was only asleep for like 2 minutes, the gentleman sitting across from me who just happened to be a Major started laughing and said ” yea he’s right you were screaming but all I heard was “Bitch” lmao im thinking whatever, I don’t even talk in my sleep, and I KNOW I didn’t doze off for more than 2 minutes liars. the mechanic showed me the pen sized nail that came out of my tire and sent me on my way, still laughing he’s  like “That must’ve been one hell of a dream” I drove off thinking dammit I need to get some sleep at night, if i could black out that quick AND manage to yell vulgarities in my sleep in public unknowingly I got  problems. Have you ever fallen asleep in public?

I just wanna be.. I just wanna be successful

Lets talk about this for a sec, cause clearly I’ve been surrounded by alot of unsuccessful people lately SOOoooo… but this list is gonna apply to different people differently, the first one, people who have a sense of entitlement,always feeling as if the world owes them something, I take care of my kids so I deserve some sort of medal or special recognition, Negatory, there’s no special recognition for doing what you’re SUPPOSED to be doing in the first place, this goes for male and females, mamas and pappies. Secondly Forgiveness, this isn’t automatic, it actually takes an enormous amount of self growth and maturity to do this, I know because I still struggle with this and as a scorpio lawd knows I love to hold me a grudge hmph. Third, give credit where credit is due, especially WOMEN aw man we LOVEEEEE to tear each other down! get a grip. Next accepting responsibility for your failure. Playing the blame game is so easy, being able to say I effed up and im gonna do better takes some manning up. Complimenting vs. criticizing again my mind automatically races back to the female species, Always having something negative to say about the next chick says mountains about you, pay a compliment or two pay homage dammit lol. Now I don’t read everyday, some days but I do watch tv now whether that makes me successful or unsuccessful I’d have to disagree, yall know im not a fan of these reality shows real housewives of whatever county etc soo I’d have to say for those I do notice that revolve their entire lives and spare time to these type of shows living vicariously through celebs with issues who have no clue of your existence then yea I’d say the level of your success is diminished in some capacity. sue me. moving right along, keeping a journal, I just started, it’s actually quite liberating, im gonna share it with yall soon when I choose to soon lol. Talking about ideas vs. talking about people. I honestly am a firm believer in ” if they talk about people to you, then they’ll talk about you to other people” People are bored and instead of addressing their own personal issues and flaws they love to gossip about the next person.

Have a damn seat

Wanting others to succeed we think would be common human nature, I really dislike the term Haters but in this particular one I’d have to say someone who secretly spend their time hoping and wishing for other’s failure can truly be described as a hater. period. Sharing information and data vs. hoarding. hmmmmm I have the perfect example, when I was just starting out in photography,yearsssss ago I always had other photographers, senior ones that i could look to for answers and i’d get them and then some but out in the civilian sector, i messed around and asked a photographer who I thought their work was something that I aspired to get to level wise but anyway I had a question about their airbrushing techniques because in Photoshop you know there is no real airbrushing tool there’s just a series of a bazillion steps to get you there but anyway this ass munch had the nerve to be like ” oh thats a secret” really? cause nothing is really a secret not in photography, nothing that can’t be researched with a lil effort so I ofcourse turned to trusty Youtube and found the answers I needed. I can’t remember ever being that way, I’ve had countless interns and photo assistants who I’ve helped to get to where they are today, what does one get by hoarding information? not a damn thing. The to be list vs. not having a clue. I’ve been running into alot of 35+ year old’s who still have no idea what they want to do with their lives which is fine if it’s just you but once you bring other people into the world, im gonna need you to get a clue, how you raising a child talkin about you’re an ” up and coming rapper”  or “model” none of which is currently putting food on the table or generating any real income for that matter smh. I’m gonna skip a few, down to continuously learning vs. thinking they know it all, I can’t stand  a know it all, I dated one, couldn’t tell him s**t cause he knew it all, everything, pbbbbbt. There’s nothing more beautiful than learning, I swear I learn something new everyday, I’m not talking grad school crap either, just day-to-day life lessons, intellect, self betterence <~ i just made that up yall like it though. Embracing change vs. fearing change, this is the person you probably see still rockin finger waves nahhhhhh this doesn’t necessarily refer to fashion or keeping up with the times, as a matter of fact I think Bill Gates said it best ; “People always fear change. People feared electricity when it was invented, didn’t they? People feared coal, they feared gas-powered engines… There will always be ignorance, and ignorance leads to fear.”

Top 10 Fridays!

I must say im guilty of all of these especially #10, I have problems appreciating stuff period, not people cause i’ll appreciate the living crap outta ya but things? chile boo. I know, I’m workin on it though, we’re all under construction and in progress, the first step is identifying and giving enough of a crap to make a change aye?

Happy Friday love bugs~

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