F&ck Cancer

Lately I’ve come to know at least 3 people in my immediate circle that have been diagnosed with different forms of cancer, normal people, fit people, people who are complete and utter health nuts in every aspect of their lives. What gives? I recently had a scare when I noticed an abnormal lump very close to my boob. Now being chesty especially after having kids tends to jack your mammary glands all up and you can every now and then feel a little weirdness in  or around your jugs but this little fella was tricky, one day it would be there, the next day it wouldn’t, the next day it would reappear and hurt a little, so I started to panic. Scheduled a visit with the doc, Waited 2 hours past my appointment time, by then my nerves are in pieces trying to not to chew my nails down to the cuticle with anxiety. Anyway I get called back and he walks in, my doctor looks like the late George Jefferson so he does his little stroll around the room and he gets right down to business, the examination took like 15 minutes he looks up at me, smiles and says, it’s just a cyst. I could’ve kissed him but im sure that’s frowned upon highly at the VA Medical Center LOL so he’s like yea, I’ll get your surgery scheduled and we’ll get that right on outta there, goodbye. Whew all I could think was thank GOD I mean while in the waiting area  all I could think of was ugh I aint got time for nobody’s chemo and how long did it take me to grow out these beautiful curly tresses of mine? no maam and my babies how would they manage? crazy so anyway, surgery is scheduled for 2 weeks from now, it should be a quick outpatient type of everything goes as planned,but as with any surgery there are always risks not to mention the cyst still needs to be tested to ensure it is in fact non cancerous. I jokingly asked if I could get a boob reduction at no extra cost since they’ll already have a scalpel in hand, he laughed and said “why would you wanna do that”? very well I get it lol..


UPDATE **8.28.12**

My mysterious lump turned out to be just a very agitated epidermal cyst, thank God.. life goes on..

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