Spring cleaning

10 steps towards spring cleaning your life

I’ve reached a point in my life where I care less about trivial things and things I can’t change or control, but the little bit that I do have control over, I like to ensure that they’re working in my favor and not against me. I think to realize your true potential and to discover who you actually are as an individual you have to de-clutter in the four most important parts of your life which are Health, relationships, finances, and spirituality. This spring cleaning should be a joyous and meaningful step in the unique design of your life.


-Exercise in some form or fashion, it could be something as simple as parking farther away or popping a dvd in, in the comfort of your own home if you feel intimidated by a gym or walking outdoors, fitness can be free , invest in the time to do some research and if you can enlist a friend doggonit do it. You’ll feel better; you’ll sleep better and other limitless benefits of fitness. Whether your goal is to trim up or lose 80lbs, start somewhere, being sedentary is not cute.

Write down a health goal- cut back on drinking, lose a few lbs to avoid high blood pressure issues and diabetes <- Speaking of which, there’s no reason why you’re in your 20’s with these problems, hereditary or not, your body is your temple.


          Purge. This doesn’t just apply to the opposite sex, this applies to friendships, associates whatever and whomever is in your circle. Having 1300 friends on face book and only 2 of them give one good damn about whether you’re alive or dead, this applies in real life as well, get rid of those friends who only call you when it’s time to club, or go out-of-town, or call you to borrow money, or only come around when it benefits them but never around when you need them the most. Quote unquote BFFs, the ones that smile in your face but throw you under the bus when you’re not looking, the ones always friend hopping changing like the weather Kick their inconsistent asses to the curb. We would all love to have that one ride or die, one that would wipe your booty for you if you had no hands, in time people reveal their true selves and its up to you to take heed and adjust accordingly.

          Purge that guy you like who only seems to wanna hang out with you after hours or at his convenience. Quit putting mileage on your body thinking he’ll wanna make it official or marry you, he’s picking the newer model car with little to no mileage on it. Love thyself. Ask yourself simple questions if you need a reason; does the relationship drain you more than uplift you? Does this individual have your best interest at heart?

While you’re purging text 3 people and tell em you love em LOL!



          Do you have all the latest J. Simpson heels, Michael Kors bags but got disconnect notices in the mail from the power company?  We love to just “get by” and its disturbing. Shifting into a healthy financial mindset isn’t easy and definitely does NOT come naturally. For some the $h!t literally has to hit the fan then comes the epiphany. I wasn’t the most financially responsible individual until I actually reached the age of 30.

          Pay something off- one of the awesomest feelings in the world, it doesn’t matter if its furniture, a credit card carrying a large or small balance anything, being debt free is so sexy!

          Donate to a cause, whether it’s through tithing, a charity, a loved one that needs help <- careful with that one.

          Quit bragging about being on public assistance, when did this become cute? I didn’t get the memo



          Find your higher power,Buddha, Allah, God, Oomfufu whoever, Everyone may not believe in God but I do, if you do, renew your relationship with him and stop being one of those, “I only know him when crap goes wrong in my life” type of people.

          Forgive someone for something- I’m a Scorpio so I’m the queen of grudges *rolls eyes* I’m working on this.. slowly but surely. Harboring hate and discontent isn’t good for you, I’m pretty sure it causes cellulite or something. Clearing out spiritual clutter creates a space for blessings in our lives.


After spring cleaning , I actually felt a little lighter, you’d be surprised at how something as simple as deleting ones phone number  or telling someone no, just breaking the cycle of phuckery that has plagued your life for as long as you can remember! WOO-Sah.


And be nice to animals




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