Side Hustlin


In today’s economy who doesn’t need a side hustle? My mom has worked 2-3 jobs for as long as I remember growing up, some of you have the luxury of being stay at home moms which is a job in its self although it doesn’t generate any income and you can’t claim it on your taxes LOL! I stayed at home when I got out of the Navy in 2006 and I had to say it was nice, but it didn’t take long before unemployment benefits ran out and I wanted to make some money (of my own).  I had a house full of kids and a house full of crap, I was never a pack rat so I decided to start selling some of my junk on Ebay. My first week I made like $900 so I was on a roll, from old electronics, broken computers, parts, clothing, shoes, house wares, appliances anything! If it wasn’t nailed down I was sellin it LOL, that was short lived of course but luckily I got hip to a local yard sales website, which would only cost me $8 per month versus the insane eBay seller fees and shipping, I hopped onboard immediately and now, my buyers were coming to pick up their purchases, which saved me gas, printer paper, seller fees and all around headache. I’m a jack of all trades so; I started just using what I know to make an income. I also used Amazon, which I found to be easier although sometimes the payment wasn’t always immediately available for withdrawal like Ebay I could’ve gone to get a 9-5 but at my youngest’s age his dad and I decided to just wait it out a little while longer to avoid the insane cost of childcare. SO, I had been doing my own hair since I was 7, as I got older I learned to weave in hair, braid etc.. so I started to advertise those services as well on the yard sale site and sure enough had a small clientele base. I cook my butt off so I’ve sold dinners, started a photography business, babysat, all while finishing my bachelor’s degree then decided to start working full time. If you’re good at something for puck’s sake capitalize on it, there’s always a market for something and your friends will be your biggest customers. Whether your side hustle is just to piggy back on your full time income or maybe you just need something to help fund that shoe addiction,  and who knows, maybe that little hustle can become a full time business, Here is a list of a few side hustles worth looking into;

  •  Hair stylist- Nothing that involves chemicals cause you need a license for that but as far as weaving, sew ins, braiding etc.. Why not?
  •  Knitting- I know some awesome Knitters who made little beanies , sweaters, scarves and stuff for babies and tots, You can list your items on Etsy or US Trendy for the world to buy from you, just make sure you’re there mentally, if not, just sell locally to your friends and family.
  •  Hair accessories- I know a lot of moms who make little hair bows and bands for babies and tots, these items are always a big hit especially with photographers who are looking to keep a small wardrobe on hand for their clients to choose from, the key to this is to ask them for a few images with the client wearing your product, that can double as advertising for you also.
  • Landscaping- mainly for teens and guys but open to anyone really, If you like doing that kind of stuff, me personally? I hate cutting my grass so I get it done by someone else lol.
  • Baby sitting- There are tons of single parents and couples that need babysitters, it would help if you had some references so offer to watch a friend or family’s kid first for a few times, if you have kids of your own that’s a plus if you’ll be caring for the child at your home so they’ll have someone to play with.
  • Dog walking- believe it or not some people hate this chore or simply just don’t have time for it.
  • Bartending- teach yourself or take a few courses, depending on the venue, bartenders make awesome tips
  •  Photography- if you enjoy taking photos and have the means to invest in equipment, this can be a profitable hustle for you.


While these are all physically demanding type side hustles there are some that you can do right from your home office

  • ClixSense–  where you get paid to browse websites, play games and earn cash
  • Postloop– If you love to help people online and chat with them this option would be great for you, you’re paid to participate in a variety of forums, and you accumulate points and trade those points in for cash.
  • Virtual assistant- there are many positions open with these, do some research and find out what works for you.


What’s your side hustle?




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