A trip to the dentist with the squad

We recently switched dentists, not that we didn’t love our dental provider of 6 years but, our new insurance carrier didn’t have her in our network so we had to choose a new one, I really like our new one, and the fact that they serviced children was a major plus to me, no one likes to have a zillion different providers, so since the squad was leaving for the summer on Friday I decided to have all their semi annual exams done. 

waiting time

Jt decided he was gonna read every book in the place to me while we waited, Iggy napped and Shawn was in the corner passed out was well. Iggy had just lost a tooth about an hour before the visit so he was a little bit on edge loll.

Jt got an A+ report

Iggy went first, X-rays and all, and came out with a good report as well as…… yea another tooth missing

iggys tooth

Up next, I begged the lady to please take JT because he is not a very good waiting room type of kid, he’s just waaaay too active to sit in one place longer than 2 minutes at a time. As they walk away I hear him tell her ” did my mom tell you I was a vampire?”  lmao iDied

JT has never really had any issues with dental visits, no one has ever had to strap him down or anything crazy not to mention he brushes his teeth more than anyone else at home so he always has a good report.

Once he was done, he decided to fall asleep on the ottoman, by the way, you’re not a parent OR a true photographer until you’ve captured a photo of someone falling lmfao, my poor kid. Luckily he’s not a cry baby, he laughed it off and crawled back on the chair and went back to sleep.

lmao jt falls off the ottoman while sleeping

Up next was Shawn, My big baby LOL he always spazzes out at any medical or dental visit, which he has every reason to because he came out with the worst report ever, not 1, not 3, nope not even 5, 7 nah! 10, 10 damn cavities, 10 yes 10, how on earth? for a parent who doesn’t buy or give her kids soda or sweets regularly , how does that even happen, well he confessed to the dentist that he drinks soda regularly at school go freakin figure


Jt loves him some Shawn LOL

cute little kids pack

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. YaRealBabyDadday
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 12:31:46

    Nice. Can Shawn say Yuck Mouth Central? Vampire? I guess he was letting the dentist know that there was going to be no funny business going on in his mouth. He is a Vampire after all. Poor Iggy…No teeth equals no Honeys. Oh well what’s a playa to do?


    • danounou
      Jul 05, 2012 @ 12:34:27

      LMAO Shawn was a real shocker goodness, you already know Iggy loves the honeys, teeth or no teeth he’s gonna mack them, thats YOUR kid, LOL


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