Stay cool this weekend!

It is supposed to be a scorcher this weekend be sure to stay cool and hydrate!

Bite sized mees

Its  good to have someone half your size to goon out with you every once in a while! when it comes to my 6 year old he’s down for whatever, whenever LOL , My other two boys could care less about whats going on outside of the Playstation 3, eating and sleeping #Boylife They’re getting ready to leave me for the summer, I’m sure gonna miss them! *fake cry* note: my 15 year old isn’t bite sized at 6’3 174lbs -_-

The Iggster and I

Night time Chronicles


15 things that make me happy

We all have our little staples that put a smile on our faces, some of which may seem small and insignificant to others but super major to us. Here are 15 things that absolutely makes my world a little brighter…

  1. Good morning texts – skuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrt, the key to this is that it’s from someone you love or care deeply for, everyone else, gets the eye roll and no response.
  2. A clean house- Being a parent of 3 growing  bad ass boys, keeping the house clean is just one of those things, I don’t even really know how to explain it. it’s a 24/7 position that I am underqualified for. Hiring a housekeeper would be ideal, I actually had an awesome one, till she moved away, its hard to find trust worthy folk you can leave in your house alone…
  3. Flowers- whether it’s a bouquet or a dirty dusty dandelion handed to me by my 6-year-old from the backyard, I’m a lover of foliage ♥
  4. Working out- I love to run and sweat, and I think it’s extremely difficult to even get me to that point, Although I’ve been a total slack ass this past month it wasn’t by choice, doctor’s orders, Insanity damn near shredded every fiber of my right knee cap, I’ll be back in business in a week but…. no high impact exercises anymore.. lame.
  5. Massages- chile… grease me up and Rub.Me.Down. lmao that has to sound pervy but seriously, massages are so important to the body. I’m an even bigger fan of scalp massages non self-induced, my little stubby nubs couldn’t bring any kind of satisfaction my head. I know someone who is the Kang of scalp massages lol!
  6. Shark movies ♥ they’re so stupid and superficial but I totally dig them
  7. Sleeping in- My babies will be leaving for the summer this weekend, I will be indulging in this every weekend, no matter where I may be LOL!
  8. Cooking- I stay in the kitchen and I never stop amazing myself  *makes out with self* anyway, I love everything about this domestic sport but the aftermath? lets just say my teen has his own set of dish gloves so yea
  9. Body scrubs- do you know how much dead skin is just chillin on your body daily? I love a good scrub!
  10. Love songs- not no Keyshia Cole but like a good ole school Jodeci or Keith sweat or even Al green yass hunny.
  11. Shopping- Nuff said
  12. Dinner table conversations with my kiddos- these are the most hilarious conversations, as busy as I am I make sure to never forgo a sit down dinner with the boys, you learn so much more about them, this has to be my favoritest part of the day.
  13. Bananas- lmao I’d eat a whole tree without even chewing, bananas are the bestest fruit on earth
  14. A clean car- again a very odd thing, I try not to let the boys eat in my car but sometimes its an emergency like I’m just picking them up from camp or we’re on the go and not really stopping anywhere to sit down and eat, either way I always end up with fossilized french fries and decomposed nuggets between the seats, sweat tea splatter on the leather, just a whole mess that you don’t see happening because you’re in the driver’s seat. Its an inevitable issue, when I remember to, I make them go out n clean the car lol
  15. Chocolate- I’m a glutton for chocolate, chocolate is my pimp and I’m its heaux. Chocolate is my ying, and I am its yang, I’ll probably never get the abs I want simply because I can’t stop stuffing chocolate into my suck!  Jesus made chocolate simply for its consumption and over indulgence, its color, scent, yummy melt in your mou… yea I gotta get back to work lmao 😉

What makes you happy?

Today I learned..

annnnnnnnnd its only 10am

  • You can’t brush your teeth, shave your entire body, style your hair, decide what to wear to work, cook breakfast for the kids,set your DVR, burn a music cd 30 minutes prior to when you’re supposed to be at work and expect to be there on time – damn snooze button
  • Throwing your iPhone on the floor while the alarm is going off disengages the snooze feature, don’t go back to sleep
  • Theres a kid sized dry booger on the back of the new Essence mag I took to work today- I wonder who
  • I shoulda wore fancier underwear if I was gonna leave the restroom with my skirt tucked in it flashing my entire work place- glad I look in the full length before stepping out of the bathroom could u effin imagine?
  • Coffee is NOT breakfast
  • My kids don’t know how to sleep in
  • Theres a battery missing from my bullet and I didn’t remove it-time to find a new hiding spot grrr
  • Men aren’t mind readers- shytn me
  • Marines don’t read signs, no matter how colorful you make them
  • Before you trip going UP the stairs for the second time in two weeks publicly, cause you’re texting, make sure no one is watching
  • My personal assistant is on vacation oh wait I don’t freakin have one!
  • Don’t drink Senna tea on a week night
  • If a door says pull, you probably shouldn’t keep pushing it

Happy hump day!

You know you’re getting old when…

I’m only 32 22 but as of lately I can’t help but notice that things just havent been the way I remember, maybe I’m not alone, maybe its just my imagination but you know you’re getting old when..

  • You can’t sleep a whole night without getting up to pee – OK so I thought it was cause I drink a total of 104 oz of water daily at work but this past weekend I did a test and drank NO water and STILL got up to tinkle 3-4 times in the middle of the night ugh
  • Your kid’s friends that you used to care for afterschool, are adding  you on Facebook
  • The mere thought of going to the club gives you the same symptoms of a hangover
  • On television, you only watch CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, and Snapped and you call them your “stories” you also have the DVR set to record first runs and repeats lmfao guilty as charged doon doon!
  • You still watch Jeopardy and then Wheel of Fortune.. in that order
  • You fall asleep earlier than your kids do – (  ._.) man….
  • You no longer whoop the kids you just put em in the corner, cause you too tired and be damned if you break a nail or have to chase somebody
  • You own a back scratcher
  • Your knees crack, so do your ankles when you walk
  • You’ve gotta write EVERYTHING down, or put it in your phone, or else you’ll forget
  • Your tolerance for EVERYTHING  is in the negatives, a trip to Walmart sends you over the edge
  • You’re alot more verbal- these days I’m liable to say anything to anyone, I remember a time when I never even used to speak to strangers, this morning I asked the convenience store clerk if I had a nipple out cause he wouldn’t stop staring at my chest. Gimme some..
  • Gray hairs are popping up in unmentionable places
  • Everything you eat is a threat to your diet
  • EVERY song on the radio gets on your damn nerves now, You find comfort in listening to what you used to call “The old folks station”
  • You’re oblivious to whats happening around you- A male friend of mine used to say” you don’t see how guys gawk at you in the hallways at work”? I’m like dude im either focused on running to the restroom or grabbing a coffee before the cafe closes down for the day. I can be a total space head and blonde some most of the time.
  • You don’t answer your phone- LMAO I think im too lazy to talk, text me all day but call me? good luck, and don’t bother leaving a voicemail, if it was important you would have texted LOL! bewm!

I’m interested in finding out how life will be when I really get old, kids are graduated and out the house, can’t text them from the other room to bring me a bottled water from the fridge, like what is that life even like? LOL! I know all these symptoms I listed above are more than likely all mental ( I hope) or just a sign that my extreme laziness has now manifested itself into a more evident state.. welp..

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